Missional Journal Vol. 3 No. 3 – “True Truth”

Are any of you reading the Bible differently these days?  How?


3 Responses to Missional Journal Vol. 3 No. 3 – “True Truth”

  1. Not a huge difference. I’ve always read scripture from the aspect that, in order to understand what you’re reading, you have to recognized the context in which it was written, the original audience, etc. And all that in a larger context of scripture.

    One thing that has changed for me some since starting my degree work at Biblical has been the whole Christotelic narrative presentation of scripture. That has been enlightening in helping to put some of the more difficult passages of the old testament into more relevant context.

  2. David Kirkner says:

    This theocentric approach to avoid a narcissistic hermeneutic makes so much sense and provides an invaluable boundry for applying God’s true truth.Our focus on God’s mission of reconciliation protects Bible readers from a reader-response hermeneutic and maintains the truth that the Bible can never mean what it never meant- and the message has always been (and meant)that the mission of God has been to reconcile the world to Himself

  3. Agian, I am refreshed. Your clear understanding is such that my 10 year old, or perhaps 7 yr old may grasp the theme and nature of God’w Word. Thank you and please pray that this is the message I teach and proclaim. thank you!

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