Missional Journal Vol. 1 No. 10 – Hearing the Gospel Again for the First Time

What are some of the contextually specific missional ways that your church is praying and working to see God’s “kingdom come”?


3 Responses to Missional Journal Vol. 1 No. 10 – Hearing the Gospel Again for the First Time

  1. Stephen Fretwell says:

    We are presently starting a ministry called “Mended Nets Ministry” aimed at preventing and restoring backsliders, which we regard as the current meaning of the “lost sheep of the house of Israel” The Net is mended by stressing the severity of the call to discipleship, and by clearly focusing on the goal of learning “all things whatsoever” Jesus commanded His disciples. Our prayer “Thy Kingdom come” is a prayer for the Spirit to go forth quickening in the lost o hunger and thirst for righteousness, a desire to be taught the rules that work, that promise a successful effort to achieve glory, honor, and immortality through doing good. We hope that God hears us, and inspires some of the lost to want to make a difference, no matter how much it costs. We depend on Dallas Williard’s analysis in the Great Omission, that actually learning and applying the commands of Christ, as say curricularized by Bill Gothard, is so far untried and untested. So, there remains hope that there really is a gospel that will work, unlike those that have swamped America with words but no power.

  2. Character Club is a ministry that targets “at-risk” elementary age kids in the southern part of Reading, PA. Every Saturday morning, about 80-90 children either walk or are picked up and brought to the church building for three hours of gospel ministry, games, crafts, and table fellowship around lunch. While there are several adults involved in leading the ministry, the real work is done by the high school students of Aleithia who model character, offer compassion and friendship, and essentially incarnate the Gospel to these at-risk kids. One fourth-grader, Wilfredo, who comes from a broken home and who suffers from a mild case of MS was forced to miss several Saturdays in a row due to some medical treatments. He returned two weeks ago. I caught him skipping across the room, smiling from ear to ear, and saying to no one in particular, “it’s great to be back at Character Club.” Wilfredo has experienced something genuine and authentic, something that draws him like a magnet. As Dorothy Sayers observed, let’s show that to the world, and maybe the world will see something worth believing.

  3. Andy Duerr says:

    My wife and I, with a few like minded folks, are laying the groundwork for a house/simple church network in our local neighborhoods. We have chosen the simple church model – or perhaps more accurately, it chose us – as we looked for ways to bring the Gospel to people who otherwise would not attend a church. We believe that meeting in houses creates a less intimidating environment free from the baggage (good and bad) of the institutional/attractional church – while providing the intimacy and transparency necessary to affect real change in our lives. We’ll see how it goes…

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